Founder’s Message

All the development, innovations and revolutions come from big dreams. I believe, inside each individual there is a hidden dream lamp. Sometimes those lamps need a little fuel to glow. For an entrepreneur the fuel can be motivation, community, idea, training, research info or fund. EDC is highly devoted to ensure these fuels to entrepreneurs. As it is a non-profitable organization, EDC is not working on fund-giving. But our team is looking for creating easy loan facility for entrepreneurs incorporating with different financial institutions.

EDC works for almost anyone who has decided to be an entrepreneur.  Our first initiative was providing counseling and community to entrepreneurs from all over Bangladesh, where they enrich their business knowledge and network. Presently our committed team is working on different national projects in availing easy loan, special discount on training, case study and creating strong network for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs with the intention of encouraging at least 60% population to be successful entrepreneur.

Soon we are taking international projects to extent the benefits of the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. I look forward your cooperation with us.


Saleh Mazed (David)