General guidelines

Do demand research: Ask your parents, friends, relatives and others people that what product or service do they really need but do not have. Find more than one options and finally chose one option you can work on.

Visit the entrepreneurs in the same field: Talk to people who have chosen your selected business. If you want to do dairy product business, visit all the dairy farm in your area. Find how to do that, where to get training & material, what are the costs, whom to sell. Get a crystal clear idea.

Plan for funding: Make your full cost plan. List the costs and the possible income. Add 20% with cost to set price. Write all things and benefits of fund provider (add a percentage of little profit) to approach as proposal.

Search for those who give funding: Initially you better approach to your family or relatives. You can also manage your funding from doing a job for a while. You can also consider loan opportunity from banks. Don’t forget to take the written proposal.

Be positive and welcome challenges: When you know all the risks and problems and have nice plans. Why waiting? Be positive, welcome failure and hug success.