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What is Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC)?




To create a world with 60% successful entrepreneurs with moral value in each country and developing a new culture of “growing together having each other’s back” for entrepreneur communities that ultimately leads to the solution of unemployment problem.


Spreading massive awareness among root level to students of each university of Bangladesh regarding the entrepreneurial opportunities provided by the government & non-government organizations and by the group of researchers & mentors who guide the way to be successful entrepreneur through both online and offline media, seminar and educational activities.

Entrepreneur Development Centre

Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) is a non-profitable organization with the mission of solving unemployment problem by creating, training and endorsing entrepreneurs around the world. EDC is the name of a “Dreams come true” for thousand rising Bangladeshi entrepreneurs. It was born holding the hand of Saleh Mazed, founder of EDC in 2015, has now become one biggest entrepreneur hub and trusted guide for the young talents within this short period of time. We have reached its wings to all over Bangladesh and to 50 more countries where Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs reside.


Founder’s Message

All the development, innovations and revolutions come from big dreams. I believe, inside each individual there is a hidden dream lamp. Sometimes those lamps need a little fuel to glow. For an entrepreneur the fuel can be motivation, community, idea, training, research info or fund. EDC is highly devoted to ensure these fuels to entrepreneurs. As it is a non-profitable organization, EDC is not working on fund-giving. But our team is looking for creating easy loan facility for entrepreneurs incorporating with different financial institutions.

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